Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still Moving

One of the things I figured out a long time ago is that when things aren't going well, you just have to keep moving. So, despite the fact that I don't yet have a job and it's getting pretty stressful, I can't just give up. Instead I have to keep moving, keep applying, keep making connections, and make sure something comes through in the next couple of weeks.

It's not fun, but never stopping is what's gotten me through some tough spots in the past, so I'm sticking with it.

I've had some interviews for some interesting positions and I'm hoping one of them comes through soon.

I picked up a bunch of stuff from storage last week and finally got it listed on ebay yesterday. All of this is from a former co-worker. He doesn't have time to do it and he knows I can use the money right now, so I really appreciate it. There are 20 items up there now. Every time I list things I'm surprised at how much work it is even after doing it a number of times already.

I think Julia and I are headed to see the house tonight. Her mom called yesterday and said there were seven trucks outside. We think they were putting the cupboards in, so we're jazzed to see it again. Hopefully we'll have some pictures to show off again soon. Sorry, if you're sick of them.

On the gaming front we wrapped up the current run of REIGN last night. Wil ran it and the whole series of games was great. Based on the amount of experience points my character has, I think we played a good 10 or 12 sessions with two major storylines; one with a necromantic cult and the other with traitors in the government trying to overthrow the leadership while the Duchess was away. Surprisingly, everyone in the Tuesday game is interested in checking out D&D 4th Edition, so we're going to start that in a couple of weeks. Thankfully, I don't have to run. It's just too much to take on at the moment. Maybe this fall.

I'm going to go edit now.


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