Thursday, October 09, 2008

For Whatever Reason

Okay, so the last week or so has been . . . ordinary. Which may explain why I haven't posted. I'll go over the highlights.

The week before last, Seth forwarded me a job posting from the Gamasutra boards for a position at Nintendo that looked interesting. I sent off a resume and received a reply the next day and we set up a phone interview for sometime last week. The position sounds great and I'm really excited about it. I felt pretty good about the interview and I quickly sent off the requested writing samples. I'm hoping to hear something soon.

I watched or listened to most of the vice-presidential debates last week and they were interesting. I was hoping for some harsher language -- something VPs can get away with that their ticket-mates can't. Admittedly, I have a hard time taking Palin seriously. At all.

Friday I had to get home a bit early to talk to Steve Kenson about some Green Ronin/Mutants & Masterminds stuff. There are cool things happening there and I'll update more soon.

Saturday we got a call from Julia's mom about some plants that were free for the taking, so we went to see what there was. We grabbed a couple of rhodedendrons (sp?) and an 18' tall tree. We really needed a good-sized tree to block the neighbors' views of a shed we're planning to get, so it was quite a score. However, since it was not a light, little sapling, it was quite a chore to get it home. With some help from family friends we managed to do it. Then we dug a big hole -- and found a three foot long rock in the process -- and planted and staked it. It's still standing and looking pretty good despite a couple of windy days lately. I hope it thrives. Oh, it's a flowering pear tree. I'm sure I'll get a picture of it soon.

Sunday I was supposed to play D&D, but Tyler (the gamemaster) got sick. They're trying to reschedule for next weekend. I hope to make it. I took advantage of the time off by taking six magazine boxes of comics and games and two boxes of card and board games to the Half-Price Books in Crossroads Mall. I must have had a number of things they really wanted because I collected a fair chunk of change from them. I was really amazed, actually. I'll have more to take to them soon since I still haven't gone through all my books, games, and comics.

Tuesday night we played what may be the last session of Warhammer Fantasy for a while. The game's been running for two years, but the GM says work is gonig to get crazy for him soon and I suggested playing a superhero game using Mutants & Masterminds. It turns out the players want to try a four-color 1940s game. I'm excited about it. I've always liked the Golden Age and it will be fun to do a Golden Age game with some modern sensibilities. I'm currently waiting to hear what characters everyone wants to play. Fun stuff!

Wednesday night (last nigth as I write this) we joined Julia's family for her dad's 61st birthday at a place in Renton called Vince's. Given the name it shouldn't surprise you that it was Italian. I have a somewhat smallish, but very good chicken parmesan sandwich.

And now you're up-to-date.


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