Monday, September 08, 2008

An Actual Weekend!

Julia and I had a challenging, but overall good weekend. We tried to get some plants for the backyard and ran all over town to find what we were looking for, but to no avail. Even though we were looking for a small evergreen, it seems it's just not the best time of year for them. Regardless, we got a number of other, smaller errands accomplished including buying a new comb/brush for me! (It was a late birthday gift. We kept forgetting to pick it up.)

I'm also very happy to report that we grilled out Saturday and, because the burgers were so good, Sunday as well. Julia said they were $12 burgers and I think she's correct. Wow, were they good. We haven't been able to use the grill all year because we packed it away to clean up the yard when we put the house on the market. We thought we'd bring it right back once the house sold, but we learned when we moved it that the grill didn't quite fit in either of our cars. So, we were grill-less all Summer. The plan for tonight is to grill some brats we have left over.

Rob emailed last week to let Seth and I know that he and Courtney were coming to town for about a month starting this last weekend, so Sunday he came to town and we, along with Melissa played Trias after a yummy lunch at a nearby Mongolian grill. Melissa won after swearing she had no strategy whatsoever. It's a neat little game of dinoaurs and continental drift.

Since Rob's here for a while, we may try to play some D&D (which Courtney has also expressed interest in) over the next few weekends. That should be fun.

Julia spent most of the day rooting around in the garden, which is really starting to take shape and look good. It'll be nice when the plants have some time to mature and spread.

In the evening (after grilling), I mowed the lawn, then carried in another dozen or so boxes of books to the game room for culling. I'm trying to make room to get at least one car into the garage in the next week or so. I'm sure I'll move some more boxes tonight.

Okay, more soon.


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