Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Red Eye

I was driving home from work on Monday and happened to catch a glimpse of my left eye in the rearview mirror and it looked a little bloodshot, so I looked a bit more closely. Right under my eyelid, above the iris my eye was completly red and bloodshot. Like I'd been in a boxing match or something.

We'd had a little sickness running around the house lately (nothing major, just some coughing and such) and I was afraid it had mutated (or something) into an eye infection or pink eye. It didn't hurt, wasn't itchy, and didn't make my eyes runny, but it looked pretty freakin' scary.

First thing Tuesday morning I called the doctor's office and they had me come in to take a look. After the normal check-in routine, including the weigh-in, which was its own special moment of pain, and taking my blood pressure (122/84, not bad) the nurse practitioner looked in and around my eye and told me that since it was asymptomatic that it was likely a burst blood vessel. (Or subconjunctival hemorrhage, as she termed it.) Probably not a big thing; they can be caused by heavy lifting, straining, or just randomly. Considering I got it while sitting either at my desk at work or in the car, it sounds like random is the winner. Regardless, she said to get into the eye doctor this week since they're the eye specialists. So, I do that Thursday (tomorrow) morning.

I can see it's already looking a big better, but my eye is taking on a lovely shade of yellow in some areas. Bleh.

Oh, and I hate (hate, hate, hate, hate, hate) my glasses. They make me feel like I'm sick -- since that the only time I wear them for any extended length of time. Plus they make me hot and a little headachey. Man, I wish I could just see.

I'll let you know what the eye doctor says.

Oh, and I've taken a picture of my eye, but really, you don't want to see it posted here. It's not really that bad, but a picture of my bloody eye with my eyelid pulled back looks pretty nasty, so I'll spare you.

In other news, the house is looking good. We've rearranged some furniture downstairs (pictures coming soon Mom, I swear!) and I got the game room organized enough to sit down around the table and play some games -- which I did this last Saturday with Rob, Courtney, and another friend of theirs. We played a couple games of Fluxx (I gave them my extra copy), Citadels, and then wrote up some D&D characters. The plan is to play a few times while they're in town.

Sunday I was off to Tyler's to play in that once-a-month game. It's going well and we seem to be making slow progress through the Savage Tide adventure path.

And Tuesday night I played another D&D game. That one didn't go as well. The Scarlet Blades fought valiantly, but lost Miri, our wizard to a horde of kobolds and were then captured and enslaved. Until we escaped and, as luck would have it, replaced our wizard with another. (Okay, really it's just that the player really wanted to play a wizard, so he wrote up another one.) The defeat was a bummer, but we made it to second level, so it was worth it.

Enough of gaming talk. I'll update when I know more about my eye, but I'm sure it's fine.


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