Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's Funny

I just had an instant chat with two people in India about problems and changes to my cable service.

When we signed up we didn't get quite the TV package we wanted, so we had to upgrade that a bit. I didn't have the literature in front of me, but we figured out what the correct package should be. I'll check it tonight when I get home to make sure.

As for the other guy, that was about the Internet at home. For some reason last night things were working fine, then all of a sudden my connection crapped out and I couldn't figure out if it was my computer or the line in, but nothing seemed to fix it on my end despite a lot of futzing about and investigation. Comcast said there were no issues they could see, but that doesn't mean there wasn't some yesterday. So, I'll do some more poking around and if it's not resolved, the guy gave me a number to call for troubleshooting support. Here's hoping.

While I was talking to them I was also writing and email and setting up a new meeting request in another window -- and receiving email in another screen to tell me that a couple of new people are following me on Twitter.

And now I'm blogging about it all here. It's a high-tech world. And it's funny because this whole post was predicated on the fact that my high-tech wasn't working like I wanted.


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