Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey All!

I have time for a quick recap of the last week. So that's what you're gonna get!

Julia's parents left for a vacation a week ago (and they get back today), so we stopped at their place before they left in order to have dinner and then take all the leftovers and other goodies from their fridge. We ate like kings over the weekend! Including an excellent quiche-like dish Julia made with a bunch of the leftovers. So good!

Saturday I was supposed to game, but that fell through. Instead, Julia and I dropped my car off at the mechanic's because the brakes were misbehaving. Then I dropped Julia at Shana's so they could talk about wedding stuff and I had a nice lunch at a BBQ place near Southcenter Mall. (Famous Dave's, if you must know. There was one in Madison near Seth's apartment, so it remidns me of home.) After lunch I went home to do some Green Ronin work.
Parents left for vacation.

Monday night after work we picked up my car and were happy to learn the brakes didn't need replacing. Instead it was a leaking caliper, which apparently, is an easy fix. So, the whole thing, including an oil change, cost about $40. Woohoo! We also left Julia's car behind for them to look at since it had been acting up, too.

Tuesday night I played D&D with the crew.

Wednesday night I finally got a chance to sit down and do some writing for Green Ronin. I have a short section of a book to write and I haven't had time to get rolling on it. By the end of a couple of hours I'd managed to get about 1/5th of it done, so that felt good. And the main thing is that I've now started, so I'm feeling better about it mentally. I plan to continue my work on it tonight and probably through the weekend.

Tonight after work Julia and I are heading back to the mechanic's to pick up her car. It was shifting gears strangely, so we had them look at it. Again, thankfully, it wasn't the transmission, just some back sparkplugs and a new distributor cap -- oh, and some transmission fluid.

Julia's been making really good progress on wedding plans. Nothing is set in stone, but we at least have a good idea of what we're going to do, when we're going to do it, and who's going to be there. I'll keep people updated as things continue to move forward!


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