Monday, December 08, 2008

What a Weekend!

Julia and I had a great weekend! Neither of us can even say why we had such a good time, but we did.

Friday, Julia spent most of her day working in the yard with her mom, planting some things, adding a small footpath, and spreading some woodchips to make the beds look good. In the afternoon she worked on her studio and really got things looking good in there. She also did some picking up around the house to prepare for a "crafternoon" with a friend on Saturday.

As for me, I found two things last week; 1) it was a free weekend on City of Heroes, and 2) I'd been invited to join the Champions Online beta. I spent Friday night downloading the Champions beta and checking it out, but my system can't quite handle it, so I think I'll have to opt out of playing that until I can upgrade my computer a bit.

Saturday, Julia's friend came over and they spent the afternoon making candles. I got to see the fruits of their labor when I returned from playing an excellent game of D&D at Tyler's and they looked great! I forgot to take pictures, but they're still sitting out, so I'll get that taken care of. The science geek and crafty part of me really enjoyed the mad-scientist-like set up required to make the candles. I even made a candle with the wax that was left over, it turned out looking like chocolate.

Saturday night I spent some time downloading City of Heroes on my computer (along with all of the updates from their Web site), which took a long time, but when it was done I played for a couple of hours after Julia went to bed. It was fun to play again and if I can find some players, I may start again in earnest.

Sunday we slept in, which was great. We both needed it and we had nothing planned, so we did some shopping. (And picked up many, many supplies for the pantry. Like more than ever before.) In the afternoon I rotated between organizing my office, taking boxes upstairs (yeah, still not done with that), doing laundry, and playing some more City of Heroes.

And that was about it, but, wow, did we have a good time.


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