Monday, November 16, 2009

Trying New Things

I'm trying new things tonight!

First, I didn't play Dragon Age, which has been pretty time-consuming over the last couple of weeks.

Second, I did a bunch of Green Ronin emails. That's actually not so new, but I typically save them for the weekend, but I'd received a lot of responses for emails I sent over last weekend, so I thought I'd deal with them right away.

Third, I played around with Google Wave a little bit. Looks interesting. Especially now that I know a few people who have accounts. Most notably Seth, Jason, and a handful of the Green Ronin crew. Wave may prove very useful for some upcoming Green Ronin products in the works right now.

Fourth, I hooked up my new wireless keyboard and mouse -- and I'm using them right now! I picked them up as a packaged set a week or so ago and I could return them only if the package wasn't opened -- and only within 14 days. I just decided over the weekend that I wanted to keep and use them, so now the package is open and they're performing wonderfully. I bought them because the space for my computer is pretty small and the extra wire or two wasn't working so well. Plus, this keyboard is larger and much more comfortable than the one that came with my desktop. Another plus, the set was on sale for a really good price at Office Depot.

Fifth, I'm going to watch the first episode of "The Middle Man" on my computer. So, I'll be watching a show I've never seen before on a computer I've never used to watch a DVD on before. New, new, new!

Sixth, I'm posting something here for the second day in a row! That hasn't happened in forever!

That's about it for now. Time to take out my contacts and watch a show.


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