Thursday, December 03, 2009

Goings On

My work is going well. I'm still very slow, but I'm making steady progress and learning quite a bit. Mostly the repetition on this particular mission I'm working on has been good since it's helped me remember the processes for a couple of different functions. Now I need to do even more of that. Hopefully Friday I'll be able to finalize the mission and get people to play through it. Though, I should say "them" since it's actually two missions, one inside the other. Anyway, that's my hope.

I picked up Jim from the airport Wednesday evening. I was surprised he arrived on time while traveling from St. Louis to Chicago to San Jose, but it all worked out despite the storms in the Midwest. He's back at work and enjoying his new position. He'll definitely be able to contribute more meaningfully in that job.

Tonight I ran a great session of the Song of Ice and Fire game. This was the second session and it's been great so far. The players seem to be clicking, the characters are interesting, and it's always nice to socialize with your co-workers, boss, and boss' boss.

Tomorrow's Friday, so I'm gearing up to do a bunch of work for Green Ronin over the weekend and I have lots to do for them. We have a big new project that we just learned is actually going to happen and we're all pretty excited about it. But that means some extra work for me!

I am very tired, so it's time to read a chapter of my book, then hit the sack.


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