Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Ready

I'm heading back up to Seattle for a nice long 4th of July weekend! I'm very excited because it feels like forever since I've been home. Probably because last time I was in Seattle I didn't stay at home, but instead went out to one of the San Juan Islands for the weekend. I'll be very happy to be in my house with my girl. Sounds nice.

The past week has been good. Work has gone well and my work for Green Ronin has been super-exciting because I'm finally getting to see the DC Adventures book in near-final form. There's been a ton of editing, proofing, and busy work, but wow, it's so great to see it all come together. These will be some of the best books we've ever produced and I'll definitely be proud of them.

Since Jim's been gone I've been walking to work pretty much every day. I think I've accepted rides from work twice, maybe three times in the last three weeks(?). That's pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I'm sure it's been good for me and although there were a few days there when my legs were threatening to get shin splints, I managed to head them off and everything's been fine since.

This Friday is the last day at the company for Aaron, one of my co-workers on the current project. He's an amazingly good guy and incredibly talented. I'm a bit sad to see him go, but I know it's a great opportunity for him.

Okay, time to relax a bit before bed.


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