Sunday, June 20, 2010

Organization Weekend

This was my first weekend all by my lonesome now that Jim's gone and it was pretty productive.

I spent a lot of the weekend working on things for Green Roning; proofing, emailing, writing up and sending out contracts, writing up some characters, keeping up with posts on the M&M forum, and I'm sure there was some other stuff in there as well.

I also swapped my queen-size bed for the single in Jim's old room. While I like the larger size, it just took up too much space in my room. Saturday afternoon I took apart the big bed, moved it next door, and then did the same thing for the smaller bed. Now I have a lot of extra room. I even moved the big, white chair Jim left behind into my room. That's going to be super nice to have. Previously I had to either sit on my bed or on the very hard, very uncomfortable wooden chair I use while at the computer. I may break it in tonight by watching a movie or playing a game on the Xbox.

I talked to Mom and Dad today, so I was able to wish Dad a happy father's day in person. That was nice. I'd really like to be able to get home more frequently, but money and vacation time conspire against me.

Only a week and a half before I get to fly home for the long 4th of July weekend! I can't wait to see my girl!


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