Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Weekends

The weekends are always rough for me. I have plenty of time to write up a post, but I rarely feel like doing so. The reason? My weekends aren't very inspiring for me. I get a lot of work done, which is a good thing, but I don't really get to relax or go out and have some fun. Y'know, like most people do. Instead, I stay in my room all weekend, except for a walk to the grocery store.

That said, last weekend Randy called me up and we went out for dinner at the local Rock Bottom Brewery. That was a nice change of pace and we had a good conversation before heading home again.

As for other things, Julia continues to take care of our cat. She's a bit better, but still not so much so that we can let her out of the bathroom. She is, however, being very affectionate to Julia, which is a big change.

My big news in the last couple of weeks is that I managed to get a second monitor for my computer. I'm still pretty excited about that. It was free, too, because work was "decommissioning" it. Something they do from time to time with their older monitors. I have it turned sideways so I can use it for reading PDFs and other full-page documents and I love it.

This next weekend I get to head back to Seattle for another four-day visit. It's so much nicer to go for that extra day; four days instead of three feels so much longer for some reason.

The news that concerns me most in the past week is that Dad had a couple of minor strokes in the middle of the night a few days ago. He went to the emergency room in the early morning and after a bunch of tests told him what had happened, but that he was really quite healthy. They gave him some medicines to take, which will hopefully forestall any future problems. They told him that for being 71 he was in really good shape and shouldn't change whatever it is he's doing. So that's good. Anyway, I hope he doesn't go through anything like that again any time soon.

Time to watch a movie, read some comics, and hit the sack.


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