Thursday, January 31, 2002

Hey. All hell broke loose today at work. But first:

My name is Olo Burrows of Tuckborough.

I also noticed that there have been eleven people at my little blogger as of the writing on this. I can't tell you how strangely exciting that is. I guess my little experiment in public thought is chugging right along.

First, good news about work. It looks like the lead designer liked what I turned in and I'll be moving over to the design department soon. I have a new project due by next week, so I'm going to spend some time here this weekend working on that. I'm not sure exactly when this changeover will take place, but it seems like it'll be soon. 'Kay, now some bad news about that. Apparently I have a really bad rep with most of upper management due to the way I was hired, my boss, and the mass of poor communication that surrounded me when I first started.

Briefly, my boss is hated by one of the other Executives here. Who also happens to be the wife of the owner. They've had screaming matches in the office. Fun. Anyway, he fired the guy who had my job before me, hired me without really letting the other Execs know, and is generally a very gruff and bullying guy. When I got here he said he and the Wife would give me direction on my ads and I would execute them. Fine. I do that, they hate it because they don't like each other's ideas and I have to rewrite -- all the time. I can't win. She finally gets sick of my incompetence and goes the the other Execs and says, "He's useless, he doesn't add anything to the company, why is he here?" Then, by chance, I have a quick brainstorming meeting with her and a cool guy here and she figures out I have a brain and can be creative. Thus I luck out and save my hide even though I didn't know it was on the line.

And today, I found out that my future boss actually had to go to bat for me to get me moved over to his department because the other Execs think I'm useless. Nice. It makes me feel good.

Okay, no, really it pisses me off.

Second, my boss -- the gruff, bullying one, not the new one -- is disliked by everyone here. And it looks like he may not be long for the company. He's apparently lied to people, changed things without consulting others that know better, and been an all-around ass.

Now, do I have any sort of loyalty to the guy? Hmmm, sure he got me the job, and he deserves something for that -- but he's really shown himself to be untrustworthy and really, pretty lame. I like him well enougn on a superficial level, but I think beyond that I don't have much interest in knowing him. He's staunchly conservative, overconfident, a liar -- and a bad one --, a manipulator -- again, a bad one --, and, apparently, really bad for my career. On top of that, I think he makes bad decisions and is really bad for the company. So, I guess I'm against him being here.

Boy, that really helped to work out what was going on in my head. I guess something good can come of this...

So that was my day. Fun, eh?

I'm gonna have to work like hell to prove myself in this new position.


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