Friday, February 08, 2002

I've been stopping in every now and again to check Nothing good... and it's very cool to see the number of visits climb and climb. And honestly it makes me feel bad for not updating more regularly so people have something new to see all the time. I will endeavor to be better about it in the future.

The design position I'm interested in and that the Lead Designer wants to give me is still up in the air. It's kind of funny because the LD is starting to get annoyed by the fact that he can't just hire me. I have to admit that makes me feel pretty good. Not that he's pissed, but that he wants me there so badly that it's bugging him. He and the other designers have been very good about including me on all their notes about the game and sending me information, so I feel almost like I'm part of the team already. I turned in that project earlier today that was bothering me so much in the previous post -- and -- he liked it a lot. He actually seemed pretty excited about it. That was very good, because I had some worries about how it was going to work. It seemed to satisfy him, though. So I'll do a couple of fixes and get the updated version to him for the Big Boss.

Hmmm, otherwise...I started a D&D game tonight. Four of us wrote up characters and we'll be playing a bi-weekly, round-robin style game. I still have to work out exactly what the setting will be, but I have some ideas and it should be entertaining for everyone to build on and experiment with. I'm looking forward to it.

I finished watching Almost Famous/Untitled Bootleg Cut and I have to say that that is one fine movie. I really enjoyed it. And it was one of the few movies that really got better when I watched it with the commentary track running. Very good stuff. Lots of great stories. And Cameron Crowe seems like a nice, normal guy with a lot of talent and very little ego.

I've now moved onto one of the best movies of last year or so; Memento. Another damn fine film.

I think I may go find The Croupier this weekend, but I see it's an import and may run a couple of bucks more than I want to spend. Curses! And curses again!

See you tomorrow.


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