Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Greetings! I forgot to mention that I watched a BBC program (on DVD, of course) called The League of Gentlemen. It's damn funny and a little disturbing in a black-comedy sort of way. This is from one of the Amazon reviews and I think it does a good job of describing the series: "A cross between sketch comedy & soap opera sitcom, the entire series 1 is presented here unedited, giving us an even closer look at the fictional northern english town of Royston Vasey. This community is inhabited by over 60 characters, portrayed by only 3, extremely talented, actors." Check it out.

I don't remember if I mentioned that I finished War for the Oaks but I did. Finish it, I mean. It was good, but I think authors need to add a little more to the 'resolution' section of the book. I was reading along and thought, "Hmm, there's really not too much left in this book" so I knew the resolution was going to come REALLY fast. Not much of a climax really. Overall it was a good book that anyone who's a fan of urban fantasy should enjoy. Then I started reading the Wheel of Time RPG, but then Spycraft came out and I started reading that because I have to write some espionage stuff for the magazine.

Speaking of which, the second issue of the magazine came out and looks great. They had some copies at GAMA and one of the people from work picked it up and passed it on to me. The only think I'm bummed about is that the Bridge Troll and the Undying were cut out to make room for ads. Oh, well. They'll get in eventually.

Other side notes:

I'm not sure if I want this to succeed. It is interesting, though.

I think I have to be more disciplined. I spend a lot of time at my desk and I don't seem to get much done. I really don't know where they time goes. It's especially troublesome when I have a lot of work to do, but I don't manage to get much of it done. Hell, it's not like I can blame this thing, I so rarely update it.

Time to knuckle down.


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