Saturday, March 23, 2002

Many days have passed since I've last posted anything and surprisingly little has changed. I did, however, have my first conversation with someone here at work who came down firmly on one side of the discussiont about the job offer I have in Madison. I believe he said, "What the hell are you still doing here?!" So that was pretty interesting to hear. But, this comes from someone who's already looking to leave here, so...

He brings up some good points, though. Such as the fact that despite the meteoric rise of the company, none of the workers will see any sort of true benefit from it. None of us have any kind of interest in the company, so really, it's just another job. Anyway, it's more to think about.

Work has been busy -- how many times have I written that here? -- because I'm doing all of one job and part of another as time allows. It kind of sucks and as far as I know my current boss hasn't even begun to look for a replacement for me. Luckily, I have. So in a couple days I'll hand him some resumes I've received.

I was talking to Kim the other day and found out that she always wanted to be a sculptor -- news to me! So I sent her the things our sculptors use and she's going to give it a shot. I'll be interested to see what she comes back with. She's pretty talented and it'll be fun to see what she comes up with.

What else to say? I dunno. This weekend I'll be writing my little head off getting the next issue of the magazine ready to print. So, once again I have plenty to do! Now I'm going to get started.


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