Thursday, May 16, 2002

Honestly I tried to log in a couple times in the last few days, but Blogger was very slow to respond or wouldn't respond at all. This is the first time I've had a little free time to play, so, here I am.

Here's the most interesting Google Search that's hit Nothing Good in a while. What an odd choice.

I've been watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One DVD set that a friend lent me. I've only ever seen one or two of the shows before and I've really been enjoying the episodes. I've watched all twelve from the first season and now I'm checking out the commentary and interviews.

Four of us at work are trying to start a dinner night, but we're having a hard time finding a night that will work for everyone on a bi-weekly basis. I'm not going to let it die, though, so I'll keep you updated on how everything works out.

I'm in Seattle and one of the popular food dishes around here it teriyaki, whether it be chicken, pork, beef, whatever. And I haven't been overly impressed by any that I've had, but I found a place in Redmond that has amazing spicy chicken teriyaki. I think it may rival Bahn Thai in terms of taste, but it has a nice simplicity that Bhan Thai's food doesn't. I just had it for dinner, so it's on my mind...and in my stomach.

I've been frustrated by working out because I haven't really lost weight in a while and, in fact, I've gained a bit of weight in the past couple of months. I decided it was time to buckle down and really get serious again. I've lost about 70 pounds in the last two years and have as much to go before I'll be as in shape as I'd like. I wasn't getting anywhere, so I did some research online and picked up a book to collect as much infor as I could. Luckily, I found some good stuff, so I've been sticking to what I should be eating completely faithfully (seriously, no snacking at all) and I found out I have to up the intensity of my workouts. Last night I was at the gym for two-and-a-half hours and I'm pretty damn happy about it. If I keep this up I should be back on track and dropping some weight again soon. I'm very pleased...and I hope it works.

Becca and Doug arrive tomorrow for the weekend, so I think I have to go and get a good night's sleep. I'll update you on the cool things we do over the weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, I found this in A Soldier of the Great War and I wanted to post it.

The spark of life is not gain
Nor is it luxury.
The spark of life is movement.
And furthermore...
If you really want to enjoy life, you must work quietly and humbly to realize your delusions of granduer.

I like that.


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