Wednesday, May 08, 2002

So, I went to pick up some RCA cables today at the Circuit City across the street from work and all I could find were fairly expensive ones. The helpful salesperson was there to give me a hand and as soon as I'd picked some out he took them to ring them up. Before he could do that I asked where the portable CD players were and he directed me over to the right area. I checked them out and decided not to get one, but he was busy with someone else. No problem, I killed time checking out the new mini stereo systems (the nice ones, not those boombox-type things). As I was looking around I noticed some other RCA cable for about one-third the price.

I was really annoyed and then found a much cheaper version of the video cable I was looking for. So, I left the first cables behind and found someone else to ring me out, so he didn't get any commission from me. Bastard. I ended up spending $20 instead of $45, but he didn't see a penny of it. I complained to the person that rung me out, too, and she was very apologetic.

Changing gears; another friend of mine is getting divorced. Bummer. That seems to be going around lately. He seems okay, but he's still very stressed about the whole thing. I hope I get to see him in the next couple of months.

I've been really happy with how working out has been going lately and I've even made a little headway on losing weight, but I really have to be careful about what I eat. That's okay though, because I've been very incautious lately and I've been paying for it. I'm off to the gym tonight to try to make my chest and triceps as sore as possible. I'm pretty proud of the fact that the last couple of workouts I've had have made me sore. That means they're working.

Tomorrow I get to see Spider-Man, only this time it's paid for by work -- and I get to take time off of work to go. It doesn't get any better than that!

Pop culture update: Because I've finished all of my DVDs I've had to rent some. This week I've seen Zoolander, The Buena Vista Social Club, and I still have another disk to watch, but I can't remember what it is. Maybe Heist?

That's all for now.


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