Friday, May 03, 2002

I dedicate this link to the new Spider-Man movie. Don't follow it if you can't handle spiders. And big ones!

Things are going well. I received an email from Andrew. He's well. He's been at White Wolf for about a month now and he's trying to whip S&S into shape. He's also flipping out over the new Marvel game. It's fun to see people get into what you make. Luckily I now have a connection at WW again, so I can get some free stuff. Now I have to figure out what I want.

Oh, I didn't find any shoes last night, but I did find a picture frame that I've stuck some photos in and hung on the wall already. This weekend I'm going to make room in my storage unit and store some more boxes. I'm tired of having them clutter my living space. Besides I have to get my bike in there and right now there's no room.

I'm officially watching the last of my DVDs. I'm most of the way through Strange Days, and over the last week I finished off the new Romeo + Juliet and The Usual Suspects DVDs. So now I'm going to rent some things to see if I like them -- besides, I have a Blockbuster(?) gift certificate to use from Christmas. I've been keeping a list of movies I've wanted to see, but never have. Maybe some of the Thin Man movies, or other Orson Welles flicks, or recent things I've missed (Heist being high on that list). Feel free to send me some movie suggestions through the "contact" button above.

I need some new clothes, too. Maybe I'll look this weekend. See ya!


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