Sunday, May 19, 2002

You guessed it! It's midnight Saturday and I'm at work! Woohoo! Actually, I'm here doing some writing for the magazine, but my eyes were hurting from looking at the computer so I did some work for my job to give my eyes a rest. They still hurt, but they're not watering anymore. That's good.

Becca and Doug are in town. We had a good time on Friday...once I managed to find their damn hotel! We went stright down to Pike Place Market and walked around. I'd never been there and now that I have been I can say that I'll definitely be going back. It's a very, very cool place. Lots of crap, but even more of it is very neat. It's like a high-class flea market/mall with the feel of a farmer's market. Like I said, very cool. We hit a number of the stores -- hit as in 'shopped', not hit as in 'robbed' -- then went to dinner at the Athenian restaurant (see it in Sleepless in Seattle!). After lunch Becca wanted to get gelato from a place she went to all the time when she lived here, so we found that. Yum, good stuff.

Our curiousity sated, we hopped in the car and went to work to pick up tickets for Star Wars and went to that. It was good, not great, but certainly better than Episode 1. Still not as good as any of the first three, but still enjoyable. The thing that bothered me about it was that it was easy to tell which parts of the movie they're planning on turning into computer games. The most glaring was the chase through the city. It played on-screen like a computer game. I dunno, it just annoyed me. And, can I say, wow, is Natalie Portman a cutie? I thought her Captain Kirk impersonation* at the end was a bit lame, though.

We had a quick dinner, blech, and then they went on the ferry to Vashon Island to spend the night and Saturday with Becca's aunt and uncle. Today I went to the gym and did some writing. Not nearly enough, but hey, what are you gonna do? I've managed to get some good stuff done, just not enough.

Tomorrow I'll head to the gym and I think meet up with Doug and Becca for another fun day of exploring the city. She'd like to get back to the city center and check more of her old stomping grounds out.

I'll let you know what happens.

* I'm referring to when the cat-creature rips her shirt and in the next cut she has her midrif showing. Goofy.


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