Friday, April 04, 2003

As if I need to say it: it's been a busy week.

I was here until 1:10 Thursday night/Friday morning finishing up the formulas for the new game I'm working on. I was mostly helping the guy who does all the programming because he's been sick for the last week. He was finally feeling a bit better yesterday, so we managed to get everything worked out. Today I turned most of it over to art and it looks like everything is great.

After a full day of work I went out to dinner with one of the women from work. That was a nice break, but I'm really tired and I have to run into Seattle to take care of the cats of some friends. It's a couple from work and her grandmother just died. Very sad and a while in coming. They'll be back late on Sunday, so I'm watching their cats for them. When I return I'm pretty sure I'm going to watch the end of Bladerunner and then going to bed. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in, then at 11:30 I'm going to my old boss' place to play a game with him and some other people.

I didn't make it to the gym tonight because I'm so tired, and I probably won't tomorrow either because I'll be sleeping or busy, but sometime in the next couple of days will be my 500th time working out. Crazy. Who woulda' thought?

Liana called to let me know that she'd fallen for my story from April Fool's Day, too. I've edited the entry to include her.

I'm taking off to run my errands and get some sleep. Talk to you soon.


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