Saturday, March 22, 2003

I done good! I haven't finished all of the articles I have to write for the next issue of the magazine, but I finished the first one -- 4,451 words! Hooray! The next one should be a bit shorter and there's not so many game stats, so it will probably be much easier.

I briefly talked with Rob and Seth earlier via ICQ. (That's a program that allows you to send messages back and forth quickly, Mom. Like email that pops up on your screen.) The two of them, John and Lisa were all sitting around eating dinner together and watching the news. I was very jealous of them. I miss those days and I think I'm a long way from doing similar things with people out here. I don't think there are friends like the ones I have back in Madison. I really don't.

Maybe that's conceited or snobby, but I can live with that. All I know, is that whenever anyone new was introduced to our group of friends they always commented on how fun, intelligent, quick-witted and cool we all were. Without sarcasm in their voice. I miss you guys.

I'm done with my writing for the night and I'm still getting used to sleeping at normal times, so I'm really tired. I'm headed home to watch a little more the the second disk of the appendix to The Fellowship of the Ring, then I'm going to bed. Hopefully I'll be over my throat thing in the morning and can go to the gym before I come in to do some more writing. G'night!


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