Saturday, March 22, 2003

If you ask the people I was in Vegas with what I wanted to do the night before my planetrip back, they'll say, "Jon wanted to go to bed and get some sleep." They will. I swear. But instead I was lured out all night by my friends, which meant I stayed up all night and all the next day until about 11:00 pm. Yesterday morning when I woke up for work I had that familiar swelling in my throat, and now it looks like I'm getting whatever the hell I had about a month ago back again. Damnit! I hate it when I get sick. And aside from this trip I've been very careful about taking care of myself when I travel. I called the doctor and his office closed at 1:00 today, so no luck. Then I called the urgent care office and they said they had a 2 hour wait, so I should hurry if I wanted to see anyone today because they were going to stop taking patients soon. Yeah, right. I have zero interest in waiting that long. It looks like I'll really have to be careful until Monday when I can set up an appointment and hopefully get something to make this go away again. Anyway, I'm now paying for all the fun I had in Vegas. Curses!

I've been busy catching up on things at work, but it hasn't been too bad. This weekend I have to spend most of my time working on the articles I didn't finish before the trip for my magazine. Oh, I picked up issue #6 at the show and it's actually pretty darn good. I was happy to see it has a lot of very good articles and previews. Check it out if you see it. The art still needs a lot of work, but at least the content is there.

There was something I was going to post a link to, but now I've forgotten what it was. Hmm, if I think of it I'll pass it along. Now I have to do some writing and, well, that's about it. Talk to you soon.


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