Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I wish I had cool and exciting news to tell you about something, but I really don't.

I was in a really bad mood the past couple of days because, frankly, I'm sick of being single. I'm sort of over it now, but it's really been nagging at me lately. Probably due to the recent bout with not-dating despite my earnest efforts to correct that problem. No, really, I've tried, I swear! All for naught -- and I'm tired of it.

Work is good. I'm trying to get better-informed about my new product line while still taking care of everything else I have. So far it's going all right.

Oh, I picked up season four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I've been spending time watching that. I'm only a few episodes in, but I'm really enjoying it. One thing stands out, though; television series really benefit from some amount of time passing between watching one episode and watching the next. In the time between episodes your brain remembers and forgets certain things that make the episodes fit together better than when they're watched back-to-back. It's similar (in my mind) to how comic books communicate movement and action from one panel to the next. Viewed on their own, each panel is static, but string a few together and your mind puts together an image of a person walking, or a fight, or whatever. With television it's similar, but it has more to do with the characters' emotions and reactions. Each episode the writers have to communicate "this character is sad because of X" until X is resolved. Back to back the stories seem a little...forced and melodramatic, but with a week of time between episodes, some of that melodrama fades and becomes "I remember that this character is upset about X and it looks like she's still dealing with it." I say all this because in the first few episodes Buffy is seduced by a guy and is then dumped after a one-night stand. This really bums her out and makes her feel unattractive and worthless -- and they keep beating it into you every episode! It got a little strained at points, but, like I said, I'm sure distance makes it work better.

One funny thing I thought of; I'm watching episodes now that were the episodes that Robyn from my old job (hi, Greg!) was watching shortly after I started working there. So now I'm projecting back and remembering some of the things that she commented on at the time. It's kinda funny.

Last night I ran Mutants & Masterminds again. It went very well and the players had a great time. I was in a bad mood when we started, but everyone had such a good time during the game, that I really cheered up quickly. That's one of the reasons I like gaming -- it's social and fun and unpredictable. I never would have imagined that a gaming session -- that I was running -- could cheer me up that much.

This weekend I think I'm helping Matt move. Other than that, I dunno.

Time to go eat and hit the gym.


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