Sunday, June 22, 2003

The weekend was good. It started on Friday with me grilling some brats and chicken for dinner (most of which went into my refrigerator once cooked, but some went into my tummy) and then going to the gym. I stayed up way too late watching all but one epiode of Buffy, then went to bed at about 2:30.

I was up by about 7:30, watched the last episode of Buffy before showering and heading off to help Matt and Meredith move. The move went well and moving them makes me want to have less stuff. Their move was pretty darn easy because they have so much less than me. After finishing up with them we all grabbed a late lunch (thanks!) and I headed down to Pike Place Market to pick up some comics that I'd missed.

That evening I had dinner with some friends from work, then met some more friends downtown at Pesos to say goodbye to someone who's moving away next weekend to Spokane. She's a very nice, very cool young woman who's completing her residency in child psychiatry out there. We eventually found our way to a bar that had a dace floor that they flooded with foam. Very cheesy, but very fun -- surprisingly. Once we were all on the floor my attitude changed from "This is so lame" to "I may as well make the best of this." It was pretty fun, but leaving was pretty chilly. Finally made it home (after dropping the others off (I hadn't had anything to drink, so I drove)) at about 3:00 and showered before hitting the sack.

Saturday was remarkable because I think it's the only day in my life in which I've taken three showers. Once, in the morning before going to help move, one in the afternoon after moving and before having dinner and once when I returned from my evening out. Isn't that interesting?

Sunday I slept in, hit the gym, and came to work to run a D&D game that went very well. Now I'm shoving off to catch The Hulk at a 10:15 showing. Must motor.

Oh, I heard that Kim was married today. Congrats. I wish I could have been there.


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