Friday, February 20, 2004

Ah, what a wonderfully stressful day at work. I just returned from my trip to New York and had to be part of an online chat today to talk about a recent change to some of our policies. Overall the session went well, but the second-guessing, misinformation, and venom spewed by the fans on the forums afterwards is just draining. So here I am at 1:00 at night reading through posts by people insisting that I don't read their posts and calling me a liar for saying I do. What fun! Really, I wish I didn't care, but I do.

What I particularly like is that they "quote" things and post "facts" that simply weren't said or aren't true. It's a lot of supposition and guesswork -- not all of it, but a lot of it. Again, draining to read through because I'd like to correct them, but that just leads to more crap. And I just don't have the time to correct everyone on the forums all the time. I have work to do.

The trip to New York was good. Very quick, but good. I flew out Monday, slept, went to some meetings on Tuesday that all went very well. Went to dinner in Queens to someplace that Jason had been to before (for Greek food. It was good.). Wednesday I slept in, then flew home.

Tonight I played in a Riddle of Steel game. I'm still withholding judgment on the system, but it strikes me as a powergame for roleplayers. One of the big selling points for the game is the combat system, or so I hear, and it really just seems like a way to make combat more important and more difficult while masking it behind a smokescreen that goes something like "yes it's complicated, but this combat system is realistic without being all about die rolls". Yippee. Now it's about how many dice you roll. Eh, I'll see how it goes, but so far I'd rather play something else. The story is interesting, though, so that makes it enjoyable for me.

More later. Now I must sleep so I can go to work and be called a liar some more by the fans.


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