Thursday, March 25, 2004

I've been spending too much time at work. Tonight being a prime example of that because I didn't leave until nine, but I wanted to get done with what I was doing . . . and I did. Now things are fairly on-track for this week's testing.

Tuesday night I managed to get out of there at a reasonable time so I could pick up my sleeping bag and camera from Katie, Kate, and Beth. I stayed just long enough to get my things and say hello, then I went to Shana's for a nice dinner with a bunch of people from work and her parents, who are in town for the week. We had a great time and spent a lot of the evening trying to come up with ideas for a flugtag entry. (I don't know if I've spelled flugtag correctly, but if you don't know what I mean (or what it is), it's a competition in which entrants build a "flying machine" that must be human-powered. Everyone gets together on the same day and drives/launches it off the end of a peir and whomever's goes the farthest, wins. You may have seen these ridiculous, but fun, things on t.v.)

Today was lots of work, as mentioned earlier.

An old friend from Madison has a story on this site. It's very funny, but don't read it if you have no sense of humor about religion. I used to be in a writing group with Kris and he comes up with the best ideas. I'm glad to see he's still writing.

Now I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep.


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