Monday, March 01, 2004

I could have updated more over the weekend, but I wasn't feeling inspired.

Actually my weekend pretty much reverted to what they were normally like before Shane left and before I was seeing Jen -- probably not too odd considering Shane is back and I'm no longer seeing Jen.

Saturday I was up fairly early to meet Jim, Matt, Kelly, and Vic for breakfast at the nearby Denny's, then we went to a small gaming convention at Maydenbauer (I'm not certain that's spelled correctly) convention center in Bellevue. It was withing walking distance of work, so...we walked. We checked some things out and were happy to see that our games were being played more than anyone else's. After looking around for a bit we decided to play some games. Time passed very quickly and we left around 1:00 to head back to work. Matt and I played a couple games of Magic. Then Beth called to ask me to meet she and Katie at Hopvine. I hadn't had lunch and was feeling a mite peckish (I think that's a funny phrase, sue me.), so I wrapped things up at work and joined them.

We sat around, had some beer (very weird for me), ate some very good food, and talked about things for a couple of hours. I'm sure one of the big reasons they invited me out was because of what had happed with Jen Friday night, but it was nice to get out and relax. I'd talked to Shana, Shane, and Cathy about going for dinner and a movie on Saturday night, but instead we ended up watching some of Brian's Best of Insomniac with Dave Attell and Heathers over at Katie, Kate, and Beth's. We ended up with a pretty sizable group of people -- Me, Katie, Kate, Justin, Beth, Shana, Shane, Cathy, and Brian. We ordered pizza late in the evening and pretty much just had a relaxing evening. (There was some weirdness between two of those present, but I won't presume to write about their lives here. Besides, this note will be enough to remind me of what happened when I re-read this entry in the future.)

Sunday I slept in, did laundry, and then met Shane and Cathy for some lunch and comic shopping. Very few comics for me this week. After walking and talking with them a while I drove back to Bellevue and went to Best Buy to exchange some software. I had some gift certificates from Christmas, so I also picked up the Cake CD Comfort Eagle, as well as Lost in Translation and the collected Spider-Mancartoons that were produced by MTV. After that it was late enough to head over to Mike and Sharon's to watch the Oscar's with them, Matt, and Shana. Again, it was a nice, relaxing evening.

I don't feel like I did a hell of a lot over the weekend, but I also feel like I really needed to have a weekend like that.

That said, I'm starting back at the gym and I'm going to meet with my doctor to discuss some things about my ongoing quest to get in shape.

Today, Monday, work was good. I got a fair amount done despite the fact that Monday mornings are always filled with meetings.

I don't have any interesting or earth-shattering observations to make, so I think I'll go help Seth with the document he's working on and then go to bed.


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