Monday, March 15, 2004

Okay. So. The weekend.

I continue to slack on the whole "going to the gym" thing, but I got a ton of stuff done that I really needed and/or wanted to get done before I left for Vegas and L.A. (I have to include the periods in L.A. because if I don't it looks like I'm going to Louisiana -- and I'm definitely not going there.

Friday was nice. I worked a bit late, then met up with Shane, Cathy, Jen, and Hayes (hey, lookime, I'm the fifth wheel again!) to have a quick dinner and then see Starsky & Hutch. It was surprisingly funny. And it was nice to see Stiller do a movie that wasn't based on his patented "uncomfortable humor" schtick. I liked that they had cameos of the old actors. I'm not surprised they did it, but it was nice. Bye the way, Mom, don't Mike and Fern know one of them? Hutch? E-mail me and let me know if I'm crazy. For some reason I seem to recall us talking about that at one point.

Saturday I slept in and then started running errands. I was all over the freaking place. I started some laundry, had my oil changed, got a haircut, filled the gastank, washed the car, had lunch, refilled my shampoo bottle (aren't I environmentally conscious?), picked up some packs of cards, bought some books, picked up Matt, went with him to Target to return a Christmas gift, ended up buying a level, some index cards, and a chamoise (which cost fifty cents after the return was taken into account), stopped by the game store and picked up a game for the office, dropped Matt off, drove downtown to meet Shane and Brian, bought comics, had some dinner with Brian, drove home, switched the laundry around, drove over to Kelly and Vic's for a housewarming, had a good time there, came home, and then played Diablo II until almost four in the morning. Busy day.

Sunday I was a bum and spent most of the day in the apartment doing very little. Around four or five I went to the office and spent most of the rest of the day cleaning and organizing my desk. I threw away a lot of papery I didn't need anymore and brought home two big loads of stuff that I don't need to have there anymore.

On to other things. My boss is interested in playing a Deadlands game, so I dug those books out and I'm looking through them. I have tons of ideas for that game, but I want to figure out a good way to start. I really like the way I got the characters together in the first Deadlands game I ever ran, so I may use that again. It's a good introduction. I'll give it some thought this week while I'm traveling.

The books I picked up Saturday were (mostly) books on Atkins. I'll be doing some reading on it, but I'm starting tomorrow. Despite the fact that I'm traveling, I think I'll be able to do it. Actually, it will probably make it harder for me to do, so I'll be more conscious of it, so it will probably end up being easier for me. If that makes any sense. Wish me luck. I'm going to be a hardnose about this.

Oddly, I'm actually excited to try this. It's such a radical change that I'm looking forward to it. That feeling just struck me tonight as I walked into the grocery store. I was thinking about the few things I had to buy (since I'll be gone most of the week) and I thought, nope, I'm starting Atkins' plan tomorrow. And that was it. So, here I go.

Man, this desk is uncomfortable. I think I need to buy a new one. I probably won't get to do it soon, but I found a good one at Ikea a while ago. Ugh, wrists hurt.


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