Monday, December 20, 2004

Party Weekend

Friday I stayed late at work messing with some things and relaxing a bit after sending the next round of work off to the playtesters. I chatted with Jen over Instant Messenger as I surfed the Web and checked out some forums, then I went to pick up some gifts for people at the mall. I stayed up late that night and put together my gifts for everyone for Saturday night.

Saturday I did all the normal things, then went to Jen and Hays' late in the evening for the "If I Had a Million Dollars" Party. The inspiration behind the party was that none of us have enough money to buy gifts for everyone, so we all drew the name of one other person in the group to buy a gift for, then we had to come up with what we'd buy for everyone if we had a million dollars. It was fun. We all stayed until almost 2:00 talking and having a good time.

Sunday all the other designers and I went to out bosses house for a game of History of the World. It was a relaxing day of snacking, games, and talking. Afterwards I ran Mike and Clementine home, then read for a while and played Rez and Katamari Damacy. I'd borrowed both games form Seth a while ago and they're a lot of fun.

I've been horribly, horribly bad about food lately. I really don't know what's up. When I get back from Wisconsin I'm throwing myself back into this seriously. I have a ways to go before I'm done.

Time to sleep.


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