Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Uncle x 7

My older sister had her newest child Tuesday afternoon (I guess it was early evening for her), so I'm now an uncle seven time over. Yikes. And they're all boys. My poor sisters.

I figure eventually I'll get around to having kids. Sure, I'll have to find a long-term girlfriend who I'd like to marry and all that good stuff, but once that happens I'm sure kids are just around the corner. No problem. I don't think I want to be a father seven times over, however, maybe twice. Twice would be fine.

I ran the third session of my D&D game tonight and it was interesting. Part of me feels I may have thrown things that were too powerful at them, but part of me feels that the more chaotic characters are messing up any ability the group has to plan and that's throwing the whole party off. Hopefully things will improve and the difficulties won't scare any of the players away because that would suck. Anyway, it was a good time and I've introduced a character that will hopefully be able to rope the characters into helping him out -- which will give me a way to give them "missions" to perform. I'll have to think on that more before next week.

I had to drop off Mike after the game, so it's late and I'm going to bed.


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