Friday, May 13, 2005

State of Mine

I've been pretty relaxed the past few days... which probably explains why I haven't posted anything despite the fact that I've had some late-night time in which I could have written an update or two. I imagine I've been relaxed because the deadlines are all done and I'm busy winding down from them. Okay, enough talk about work.

Tuesday's D&D game didn't happen and I think it's going to die or be transformed into a series of different games run by rotating GMs. Mike is finishing up his current run of his Shadowrun game and we'll probably roll the groups together and try some different systems. Mostly I want to get into a schedule with these games that allows us to really run/play some good stories. I've been pretty unexcited about most of the games I've been playing.

Thursday's game wrapping up Johnzo's run of Castles & Crusades was actually pretty damn cool. In fact, I think the game ended fat stronger than the rest of the campaign was (and that's not a rip, it's just that the ending was very strong) and may have been the most interesting and satisfying end to a campaign that I've played in for a long, long time -- maybe ever, considering how weakly most campaigns end.

Next week I'll start a weird super-powers campaign I've nicknamed Mad City. I still have things to work out regarding it, but it's a strange game revolving around a city and it's inhabitants that have been mutated by some sort of madness bomb.

Wednesday was Jen's last day at work. She was our photographer for two years or so, but now she's moved onto a company that can actually offer a photographer a career path, which is a good thing for her. It sucks for the rest of us because we won't be able to walk into her little studio, sit down, and chat for a while to take a break from work... wait, maybe that's just me. Anyway, good luck to her. Now she can spend time selling a bunch of the sets of our product that she has sitting around.

Friday night will be an exciting evening of bowling at the Sunset Bowl. It's the official send-off party for Jen and Liz (who's not quite gone yet) and it ought to be a lot of fun. I imagine most of the office will be there.

Time for work.


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