Sunday, April 24, 2005

I Don't Feel Like It

In the last 45 minutes I became really, really tired, so I don't really feel like writing about my weekend in full. Instead I'll give the highlights and maybe come back later to flesh things out a bit.

Friday: Worked on wrapping up my deadline, nearly succeeded. Went to see Katie and Beth (and Bing) and got really drunk. Much drunker than I'd planned. It all turned out okay.

Saturday: It took forever to get downtown because people don't know how to drive across a bridge. Bought comics, bought the Star Wars DVD collection (finally back in stock at Best Buy). Edited. Laundry. Dinner with Jen and Hays at a sushi place near their house. More editing.

Sunday: Up early-ish for dim sum with Kian, Ariel, Jen, Hays, and Joseph at Maple Court (I think). Very good Chinese place. I'll go back soon. More editing. More laundry. Went to work to play City of Heroes and work on some actual work.

Now I'm home and ready to read or watch a movie for a while.

No big revelations this weekend, just all the normal stuff, and I'm tired, so I didn't have the energy to pretty it up for you. Sorry. Maybe next time.


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