Thursday, September 07, 2006


Yeah, my blah feeling was fleeting. Now I'm back at work and busy editing the first bit of the world bible. That's going well as I've read it before and made a few corrections then.

I have a handful of other things to do today, too. At some point I need to check to see if a wooden printer's tray is at an antique shop in Renton, then I have to get downtown to get comics and pick up Julia. I've already written a bunch of emails this morning and called Carter to see if he can sculpt something for me. It's fun to get all this stuff going.

When Julia and I were shopping on Monday we stopped at the aforementioned antique store and Julia found a green Fiestaware plate on sale for $35. Yikes, I hazard to guess how much all the stuff I brought back is worth. Not that I'd sell it, I love that stuff. It really reminds me of home and my family -- especially Mom and Grandma.

It bothers me when I write Grandma. Not because it's incorrect, but it's just not the way I pronounce it. See, I say "gramma" not "grand me", it just sort of rolls off the tongue the first way, but to write that, well, it just looks so wrong. Anyway, when you see me write "grandma", read it as "gramma" and then I'll feel alright about it. Cool?

Okay, time to edit and pay some bills. Whee!


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