Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Keep Thinking...

I keep thinking that I'll update again, and then I look and see that a week has passed. I did pretty well last week with a couple of updates, but then nothing. And the weird thing is that it doesn't seem like that much time has passed.

The last week has been good. I actually purchased some songs from iTunes (which, I think is the first or second time ever for me) that I knew I would never buy on CD. Those songs being H.W.C. by Liz Phair and Jam On It by Newcleus. The latter being one of my favorite songs from when it was released when I was 13. Oh, I had a good laugh.

Over the weekend Julia and I watched Brick, Seven Up and Seven Plus Seven. Brick was good, but I had a hard time getting into it. It may be worth a second watching, but it was so dense that when I missed a couple of lines of dialogue I had to take the next ten minutes to figure out what I missed. I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as those who recommended it to me.

Seven Up and Seven Plus Seven were the first two parts (totally about an hour and a half) of an ongoing documentary series that follows a group of 16(?) English children from their seventh year and every seven years thereafter. So we got to see them at 7 and 14 in these movies. The new movie to be released later this month is 49 Up. It's amazing to think they've been following these people their entire lives and I'm really looking forward to 21 Up, which is coming from Netflix soon. If you haven't seen these, I highly recommend them. They're equal parts inspiring and heartwrenching while being wholly fascinating.

On Sunday, Julia and I drove to Edmonds to meet up with her parents for dinner. They'd been out on their boat (a Nordic Tug) and wanted to do dinner, but they wouldn't be back to Seattle until the next day, hence the drive. We had a good time and ate a place called Arnie's right near where their boat was docked.

I'm seriously considering buying a house, but I'll talk more about that as I get more information lined up.

I started a new diet. It's a restricted-calorie diet. I've been reading some things about them and they sound really interesting. I've always said I'd like to live as long as possible and it sounds like this sort of diet could help me to do that. In addition, it'll have the side-effect of making me lose weight. Since last week I'm already down a few pounds, so I must be doing something right. Another benefit is that I'm really thinking about what I'm eating and planning out balanced meals, so I'm getting to eat anything I want and my meals are much healthier. I'm pretty committed to this one.

Jason posted some great things on his site lately. The first being an excellent snippet from MSNBC in response to Clinton's "outburst" on Fox News. It's ten minutes long, but definitely worth it. Watch the video here. It's nice to see someone who's done his research taking the Commander and Chief (Moron and Thief?) to task. I just wish more people would listen and be up-in-arms.

The second thing was a link to gotohellboy.com. Fans of the movie and comics should find something they like there.

Okay, enough for now. Time to do some work.


At September 26, 2006 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon, you really ought to watch Olberman on a regular basis. He has been speaking truth to power in some pretty amazing "special comments" now for a few months. This last one, while powerful and inspirational was actually the weakest so far. See if you can find the one he gave on or right after the 9/11 anniversary from Ground Zero. Good stuff.
Olberman, Stewart, and Colbert are almost the only reason to turn the TV on any longer. Oh wait, the Packers won this week, so there's that, too.

At September 26, 2006 3:46 PM, Blogger Jon said...

Here's the commentary mentioned in the post above (which must have come from Scott, enven though he didn't sign it).



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