Monday, December 31, 2007

Many Happy Returns!

This past Saturday, Julia and I spent most of the day running around to a bunch of stores to return some of the gifts I received for Christmas and then pick up some new stuff that fit better, looked better, or that I wanted.

We were actually pretty darn efficient, because we returned some expensive things to one store, then bought much less expensive, but just as good clothes from some other stores. I finally have some new, decent blue jeans, a couple new thermal shirts, a new sport coat/blazer (that I need to have fitted, but it was so cheap that I had to get it), new underwear (hooray), a new nose-hair trimmer (essential for any man over 30), and some storage bins to help me organize the loose HeroClix figures in my basement. I'm probably forgetting some things, but it was a really good day of running around.

Oh, and we had dim sum for breakfast, which was really good.

Saturday night I went to Chris and Nicole's for a party they were having. Wolf and Shelly left just as I arrived, but I was able to talk with pretty much everyone else over the course of the night except for maybe three. It was good to see everyone and enjoy some of the excellent food Nicole had prepared for us.

Sunday we played D&D. James is now back from California, so he's rejoined us, which is good because we were looking for a fourth player. The game went well, but we're discussing setting up an alternating game, so we started later than usual. I think we'll complete the adventure the next time we meet.

Julia and I have been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy again this past week, which has been fun. We started them because nothing was on and we were out of Netflix videos (nooo!) and it looks like we'll finish them soon -- despite the fact that we now have some new DVDs from Netflix.

When I'm in front of my computer at home later, I'm going to post again about year-end stuff -- including the list of books I've read this year. Wheee!

More soon.


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