Thursday, March 20, 2008

Even More Good News!

Julia and I have been going to the gym regularly and it's been great. I even had a meeting with a trainer there and she gave me some good advice. Julia's meeting is this weekend, I think.

Related to working out regularly, I've been listening to the many podcasts that have piled up since Julia and I moved over a year ago. Yeah, I know, that seems kinda ridiculous, but I fell behind when we moved and listening to them was no longer part of my routine. Really behind. I regularly deleted podcasts I knew I wouldn't get to, but a number of them just piled up. Last fall I had over 500 shows to listen to, so I started listening to them again and I'm finally down to just under 200 (199 to be exact), which I'm pretty excited about. So it qualifies as good news to me.

Yesterday morning Julia and I went to our home-builders to give them a list of the changes we'd like for the house. They're going to price them all and get back to us, then we'll decide exactly what we want to do. We have another meeting Friday morning to talk with the designer about the outside paint colors and the inside detials like tile and such. We're excited about really starting the process.

I posted a few more things to eBay last week. I forgot to post about it here, but I don't know how many of you really care anyway. I'll be putting some more things up this weekend. I'd love to post more, but damn, it takes time to write up descriptions and take pictures that actually show off the products I'm posting. I have the process down now, but it still takes time.

Gaming has been going well. My Sunday D&D game has the party in the Mror Holds (in the Eberron setting) where they're being sent into the remnants of an ancient dwarven city called Hellhold, formerly Runehold, in order to recover some evil magic items before the devils that infest the place get their hands on them . . . if they haven't already. Oooooooo!

On a side note, they've started actual construction on the house next door.

And finally, the sign in our front yard has a SOLD sign on it, so we beat the market on this house. We're very happy that's taken care of. Now we have to get Julia's condo in Renton sold. Anyone want to buy it?


At March 21, 2008 5:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! All very good stuff! Especially that SOLD sign!!!! Gratz!

-Kevin R-R

At March 28, 2008 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats as well! Any job news? I have some good job news! I have finally (after quite some time, I must say) acquired a position of somewhat stable status. Even though numbers for the district are going down, my principal found a way to keep me full time by getting me a traveling position between two high schools. If the economy doesn't completely destroy the funding for public ed in this area, I should soon be high enough on the seniority list to withstand even a political purge. WooHOO! I may be able to start visiting people in the summers pretty soon!

(Not this summer, though. I've got to take a bunch of credits this summer to keep up my certification.)



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