Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I've been busy with some freelance work lately -- in addition to all the stuff that's going on with selling the house, planning the new house, and getting the condo ready for listing. There have been a few issues that may complicate matters, but I'm not going to get into details here as it wouldn't be appropriate. Think good thoughts for us.

Oh, and if anyone is looking for a new condo or looking to buy a condo as an investment property, have I got a deal for you!

Last week Friday, Julia and I went to the gym, then decided to do some shopping over in Bellevue. It was pretty spur-of-the-moment, but we had a good time checking out the stores and walking around the mall for a couple of hours. We didn't actually do any buying, because money is still tight, but we had fun and we needed a break from our normal routine.

My freelance work is going well. I'm doing a bunch of research for the next set of the Xeko card game. There's quite a lot of time and energy that goes into selecting the critters that go into that game and I've learned a lot about turtles, snakes, skinks, lizards, spiders, and insects. I was really amazed to learn that some smallish spiders live as long as 8 years, and some spiders don't sexually mature until 3 years. I thought they were more seasonal, like flies and mosquitos. (Did I spell that correctly?) Anyway, that was cool to learn.

Sunday's D&D game was good, but I kind of felt like it's turning into one fight after another. I'm going to have to work on that because is I'm feeling that way, I'm sure the players are, too.

Also gaming related, I was excited to receive the Mutants & Masterminds Annual #2 in the mail yesterday. It looks like there are some interesting things in it and I've already started reading it. It really makes me want to run/play a superhero game.

I was asked to write something for an upcoming M&M product, but the deadline is later this month and I may not be able to make it work. We'll see what I decide.

I have more things on eBay now. Last week's batch didn't sell for as much as I'd hoped, but this week's seems to be going really well. Whoohoo!

Oh, happy April Fool's Day. No joke this year, sorry.


At April 02, 2008 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion for selling the condo: Target people currently in apartments. Emphasize current low mortage rates and investing capital and future equity.
Now is the time that savvy apartment dwellers will get into Real Estate while prices AND interest rates are down.
Good Luck!
-Kevin R-R


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