Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics of Frustration

Julia and I went to her parents' place Friday night to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I've never watched them before. I'm not a big Olympics guy, what can I say? I spent most of the night with my nose buried in the Noble Causes Archive Vol. 1. It was a birthday gift and I quite enjoyed it even though it was very heavy on the soap-opera aspect of super-heroes and very light on the super-powered battles. Even so, it was very good. I enjoy Jay Faerber's stuff.

The house is still the big issue right now. We still don't have the 2nd mortgage taken care of. We're working hard with a couple of different places to get this all lined up in the last week or so before we're supposed to close, but it's no end of frustrating.

And I totally feel like it's my fault because the reason the bank gives for not giving us giving us the loan is my emplyment record over the last year or two.

Awesome. I feel awesome.


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