Friday, August 01, 2008


Tomorrow's my birthday and I have no plans.

I don't know what else I want to write about that. I don't mind having no plans. Julia and I talked about getting together with people, but with the move to the new house looming in the near future and still recovering from the general lack of money to spend on "fun things," I just didn't feel like making a big deal out of it.

By happenstance I have lunch planned with Shane and Cathy today (along with anyone else who happens to show up from Smith & Tinker), so it'll be great to see them.

I received some great gifts from Seth earlier in the week (at our Tuesday gaming night) in the form of the Complete Hembeck, a Challengers of the Unknown collection, and the Brisco Country, Jr. DVDs (which were actually a pass-along from Jason, so thanks to you, too!).

In the mail yesterday there were cards from my mom and dad and my grandma, which was awfully nice. They sent some money, which I'll probably use to replace our nice silver Oster blender that went kablooey this week. Good timing, that. And thanks to Mom, Dad, and Grandma!

Last night after picking up a bunch of things from the Conner Homes rummage sale I met up with Seth, Rob, and Courtney for dinner at Pogacha. Rob and Courtney were in town for a couple of days before leaving on and Alaskan cruise with Rob's parents. Sounds fun to me. Anyway, it was great to see them and they seem to be doing great.

Oh, the one thing we do have planned for the weekend is to hook up with Shana and show her the new house. We're not 100% certain will be able to get in, but if we can we'll definitely do it. It'll be nice to show her that.

Okay, time to figure out what's going on with lunch.


At August 03, 2008 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jon!



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