Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had a good talk with my mom last week; Friday I think. She mentioned that she doesn't like when I don't post anything for days and days. Okay, she said "four", but you get the point. Anyway, I'd planned to post over the weekend, then yesterday, but everytime I thought about it something came up. I guess I should be happy that I live such a full and exciting life, but mostly I was disappointed because I never made it here to write an update.

As for what's been going on; Julia spent most of the weekend working on jewelry for an upcoming meeting. She was excited about it, but also dreading it a bit because it's coming up fast, but after working all weekend she was feeling better about it.

Saturday we ran some errands and found out that one of the jewelry supply stores in Seattle might be moving soon. North, which doesn't work well for us, but mail-order is still doable. That night we were supposed to have her parents over for dinner, but it was canceled. I had the option to attend Jordan's annual Halloween shindig, but I didn't think I'd be able to go and hadn't prepared a costume. ("Come as your favorite rock star, living or dead.") I'm sure it would have been fun (and some of the pictures I've seen confirm that), but it wasn't to be. So instead we did our own thing and then sat in bed and watched the last disk of Battlestar Galactica Season 3.

Sunday we got up and moving early because I was going to be gone in the afternoon to play Chott's new D&D game. After a quick breakfast we headed into the garage and spent a couple of hours moving some boxes inside, finding things to take to Goodwill, screwing some shelves and pegboard to the walls, and generally organizing things. When we were done we'd made enough room to get one of the cars in the garage and made that half look quite presentable. We still have the other half to go through, but there's not as much there as it appears and I have to get some things squared away inside before we can tackle that. I will attempt to get some pictures of the "good" side of the garage.

Remember that D&D game? Cancelled. One player told us ahead of time he wasn't going to be there, but then Chott, the GM, emailed to say he was sick, so it was called off. That was too bad because I was looking forward to playing and I had a book to return to one of the guys. Next week, I guess.

Since Julia was still working on jewelry up in her studio, I worked on some things downstairs, which involved going through all of my loose HeroClix figures and then spending about 5 hours fixing a number of errors in an upcoming book for Mutants & Masterminds. I'm officially the Developer on M&M now, so writers and editors have begun emailing me about projects. I hadn't known this particular project was coming in, but it was a good thing I was around, because it really needed to get done.

Sunday night we've been watching Mad Men on A&E (and you really should be watching it, too!), but it's also on OnDemand, so it's not a big deal if we miss it. And we've been missing it lately in favor of watching the second season of the amazingly interesting VH1 show The Pickup Artist. I'd say it's a guilty pleasure except I feel no guilt. I watch the show and marvel at how these super-nice, really geeky guys almost literally transform themselves into confident, socially adept people. I wish I'd been exposed to this show when I was a lad. It's very good and not as silly as the intro makes it look. Mystery (the host and alpha pick-up artist) seems like a weirdo until you see how much he actually cares about and wants to help the guys on the show. Anyway, that's now what we watch Sunday nights. Check it out.

Monday and Tuesday have been good, although I didn't sleep well either night. I'm not sure why because I've been tired. I think it may be caffeine. I fear the headaches, but I may be cutting it from my diet again. I don't really need it and if it'll make me sleep better if I don't drink it, it's gone.

Okay, that brings us to now. I'm about to leave for my first session of my new 1940s M&M game. Wish me luck.


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