Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Summit Summary

I was incommunicado this weekend because I was playing and working with the Green Ronin folks at their yearly(?) summit. We had a good and very different meal out Friday night at Marakesh in Belltown. We all sat around a smallish round table and ate family-style with our hands. The food was excellent and my two favorites for the night were a plum chicken and a phylo-wrapped chicken "pie" covered in powdered sugar. The latter really surprised me, but it was very good. I really want to take Julia there.

Saturday and Sunday were work, pretty much all day. We talked about all of Green Ronin's product lines and (I think) made some good decisions and put together a schedule that will hopefully be very doable. We also planned my takeover of the M&M line, which will happen with the start of a product called Aces & Jokers for the Wild Cards line. I'm hoping to get some PDF products done before then, but we'll see how that all fits together. Schedules are touchy things.

The thing I walked out of the summit being most excited about, however, was the Song of Ice and Fire RPG. Hal had a copy of the PDF that was sent to George R.R. Martin for approval and wow does it look fantastic! I have a copy on my computer and I open it frequently to read little bits of it and admire the artwork. If I weren't starting up an M&M game, I'd definitely start a game of that instead.

Enough of gaming talk for now.

Due to the summit, my work week didn't really end and my motivation is at low ebb. I'm getting things done, but I'm not energized. It will be nice to have a weekend off.

Julia and I have a dinner planned with her parents sometime this weekend. It's our gift for her dad's birthday. Her parents are getting their downstairs worked on right now, so they don't have a kitchen, living room, den, or dining room to use, so we thought it would be nice for them to be able to sit at a table to eat and then spend some time sitting around somewhere other than their bedroom. I know her mom is really tired of the house being torn up. I think the house will look great once it's done though, so that's good.

I'm thinking of changing the design of the blog. It's looked like this for years and it's sort of getting old. The changes will reset everything to the default template, so I'll have to re-add my links and all the badges along the right-hand side and that will take some time. I'll do it over the weekend sometime. Anyway, keep an eye out and don't freak out if the site looks different soon.

Okay, more soon!


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