Thursday, October 30, 2008


Over the weekend I received my "absentee" voting ballot, filled it out, and dropped it off at a ballot dropbox at the Crossroads Mall after gaming on Tuesday night.

As usual, I was happy to vote. I find I actually get pretty jazzed about actually voting, even if the whole political circus exhausts me more than a little. Also as usual, I voted for the democratic presidential candidate. I'm probably the only member of my family to do that, but they might surprise me.

It's funny because this election I thought I might end up voting for McCain. Early in the process I was pretty sure Clinton was going to cinch the democratic nomination and there was no way I was voting for her. I hate that there have been two Bush's in the office and I would equally hate having two Clinton's. I absolutely despise the establishment of dynasties in the office of the president. No family or families should be that closely tied to the office.

Anyway, when it looks like Clinton was going to make it, I thought, "Just let McCain make it for the Republicans and I'll vote for him." Of course that was back before he started strongly catering to the portion of the Right that turns me off. Luckily, Obama managed to secure the democratic nomination and I was ecstatic. Okay, maybe ecstatic is a bit strong, but I was really happy because he's who I wanted to vote for from the beginning.

In other news; Julia's brother-in-law was able to fix her car, so we picked that up Wednesday night. I also spent part of the evening filling out a test for a job. It's for a position I'm very interested in and I plan to finish the test over the weekend. It's due Monday morning and I'll easily make the deadline. I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

I still have plenty of boxes to move upstairs, so I'll be spending most of tonight dealing with that. I think there's enough space in the game room to accommodate most of it, but we'll see.

This weekend I have to go to my monthly game on Saturday, which means no gaming Sunday. And that means Sunday I'll be finishing that design test!

More soon.


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