Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Weekend

I posted last Friday about how I wanted to go home and spend some time with my girl and that feeling presisted for pretty much the whole weekend. Normally, I'm all over an extra day off, but not so much last weekend. I had a difficult time filling my time and I felt pretty bored and lonely the whole weekend.

I spent most of my time in my room painting miniatures and watching the first, second, and part of the third season of Heroes (which is much better than I thought it would be based on what everyone is saying about it). And really, you can only do those two things for so long before they sort of become a chore. With no computer access at home I had to walk to work to check email, get online, or work on side projects that require a computer. It's a pain to not be able to run over to the computer and jump online whenever I want. (Of course, I have no one to blame but myself as I still haven't purchased a new computer.)

This week has been normal; work, gaming, all the normal stuff. I just finished up some Green Ronin work, which was good and that seems to be progressing well.

Now it's 8:50pm and I have to walk home and figure out what I'm having for dinner. And considering I have no food at home, that may be a challenge. Then it's time for Heroes again.

Oh, nearly forgot! My grandma's 92nd birthday was Sunday and she just called tonight to thank me for the card I sent and to let me know how much she liked the wedding invitation she received from Julia and I. She's so thrilled and happy for us. That was sweet.


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