Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lots and Lots!

I woke up at my normal time for a Saturday morning and decided to see if I could find some things I needed.

Driving down the street I saw a sign for a rummage sale, so I found my way to it and found the first item: a folding TV table, actually two of them that I can use to paint minis in my room (instead of sitting in bed, which is really unfortable). I snapped them up for $8.

Then I drove to Goodwill to see if I could find a lamp to use for painting and a new shirt. No luck on the lamp, but I found a new shirt for $4.99.

Then I went to the hobby store to see if I could get a whole mess of cards to use at work for super-cheap. I talked to the guy behind the counter and he said they didn't really have anything, but we talked for a couple of minutes and then he said I could have the remainder of one of his card games for $20! It was a few more cards than I was looking for, but it was perfect! Mission accomplished.

That was all in about 40 minutes this morning. It was great.

This afternoon I spent $12 on a lamp to use while painting, so that process just became a lot more enjoyable. I'll probably spend much of tomorrow (Sunday) painting while my laundry is going. Wheee!

I also listed a bunch of things on eBay, too.

It was nice to get so much done today.


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