Friday, May 15, 2009

Time Passes

My last post was made after a visit to the doctor and today was a follow-up with the doctor. Things are good on that front. My diabetes seems under control and he gave me a couple of good suggestions on how to improve things even more.

For some reason, in the last five minutes I'm really missing home and its affecting me right now. I was just home last weekend, which was great, but I've been on my own this week since Jim's back home. Lonely office. Bleh.

Anyway, last weekend was great. Busy, but great. Friday evening we had Julia's family over for a cookout and an evening of talking and video games. Katamari seemed to be the winner for the evening, but Jason really enjoyed LEGO Star Wars. Saturday we went to Seth and Melissa's wedding reception. It was nice to see everyone again at one time and I pretty much got a chance to talk to everyone for at least a few minutes. Apart from those two things, Julia and I entertained ourselves around the house, bought some plants, planted them, and just generally tried to relax together. (We weren't entirely successful since there were a lot of errands to run, too.) Overall it was a really nice weekend.

Next time I go home it'll be about a month before the wedding, so we're trying not to make any plans for that weekend. It'll just be time for us to do what we want. No running around. That should be nice.

Oh, Julia picked up her dress last night. All the alterations are done! And no, I still haven't seen it. She's being a stickler about that. She'll be beautiful, I'm sure.

Wish I were home now.


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