Monday, April 27, 2009

Downtime and Good News!

So, I don't have a computer at home . . . still. And my time at work is pretty much filled with work. I ought to take time now and again to post updates here, but for some reason I've really fallen out of practice. However, I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. I mean, I started this to keep people updated on what I was doing when I moved to Seattle and now that I've moved to the SF area, I should probably keep the updates coming so that people know what I'm doing here.

The weekend before last I had a nice dinner with one of the guys from work and his wife. They mentioned they were going to a Cajun restaurant and when I said that sounded good they invited me along. The place was interesting. It's owned by a Vietnamese(?) family, but they cook Cajun food and deliver to your table in plastic bags. Their specialty is crawdads/crayfish. And I think the place is actually named "Crawdaddy's". It was a good night out and it was particularly nice to get out of the three or four locations I'm usually in every day.

This past weekend I spent all day Saturday working on Green Ronin stuff. I made a list of all the non-dayjob things I need to take care of, and GR is at the top of the list. Luckily, many of the other things on the list aren't very time-consuming, they're just things I need to take care of. So far, two things have been crossed off the list and one or two more are almost done. Woohoo.

That's all for now! Things are generally good, but I'm definitely working a lot.

Oh, one last thing! The story that Red Juggernatu hired Robin Laws to write about the world all of our games are set in, Hungerblade, was nominated for an Origins award! That was great to learn the other day. The link takes you to the story, which really is very good.


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