Saturday, December 12, 2009

What's the Deal?

Another week gone by and no updates. It appears after a couple of weeks of excitement and regular updates I've fallen back into my old habits. Once again I can only claim that really, not much has been happening.

I finished the Dragon Age game I was playing on the computer. That was good.

I've continued to read the book I started on my last trip to and from Seattle.

Work has been good. I finished a pair of linked missions that were pretty freakin' complicated and started and finished another mission this week, which is great! I have my boss looking over them now to see what he thinks of them and to point out anything that needs fixing.

I ran another session of the Song of Ice and Fire game I started. That's going well.

Julia seems to have finally lost the cough she's had since her cold over a month ago -- well over a month ago now that I think about it. She also noticed that the restaurant we really liked for a weekend breakfast has been closed due to issues with the IRS. That made us sad. It was a nice little place that was always busy, but never too busy.

I did some Christmas shopping online earlier this week, so most of that's taken care of now. And really, I'm just looking forward to going home in a little over a week to spend some time with my girl in my house. Seth's invited us to a post-Christmas get-together and his and Melissa's place and I'm planning to go. Hopefully Jason and Liz will be there. It'd be nice to catch up with them.

I hope I have something exciting happen (relatively speaking) in the next few days that's post-worthy. Regardless, I'll keep you all updated with what's going on.


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