Monday, February 08, 2010

Alive and Well

I'm still hard at work on my dayjob and on my big new project for my freelance work, which is why I haven't had time for updates here. I wish it were different, because I know for many of you this is the only regular contact we have. Sorry about that.

My weekend was pretty much filled with editing, but I took a break Sunday afternoon to run to the game store with Jim and do some shopping to restock the larder. I've been pretty impressed with myself lately because I've been eating at home a lot more often than the past few months. That is good for my wallet.

Tonight (Monday night) after work Jim and I drove to a nearby GameStop to pick up a game I think Julia will enjoy for the Xbox. I was very happy when I took it to the counter to check out because it was half price! So instead of being $8 it was only $4! How great is that? Julia liked the game Myst and this game, Syberia II, is supposed to be similar. I hope she likes it!

This next weekend there's a gaming convention in town and I'm hoping to finagle a badge somehow so I can check it out. I've always heard good things about this show. I still have a lot of editing to do, however, so I'm not sure if I'll spend a lot of time there or if I'll feel guilty and run home to edit. Time will tell.

Talk to you as soon as I have a few minutes!


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