Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News and Good-Bye!

Julia went to the doctor today for a one-month check-up. They took some X-rays and found out the bone appears to already be growing well and has already filled in some of the hole caused by her affliction -- and the doctor thought the scar was looking great and may be all but unnoticeable. Nice!

He also told her she can stand on her foot again. She can't walk on it just yet, but she can put weight on it, which will make so many things easier for her. I was so happy to hear that. She's been feeling a bit stir crazy (I know that's not technically the correct term, but you get what I mean, yes?)

Work this week has been full of ups and downs. I wrapped up all my work last week, but this week we've been testing the stuff we made ("we" being the six of us on the Content Team) and that's generated a lot of feedback that now needs to be fixed/addressed. I was happy to see I had very few comments that were significant, especially compared to some of the others. I guess it pays to get help when your learning new things!

Last weekend I went home on a surprise trip to be with Julia as dealt with the aftereffects of the medicine she'd stopped taking. And this weekend I'm heading back on a planned trip. It's very strange to be making that trip so soon, but it's nice.

See you when I return!


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